Update on news

I got me a NEW computer screen and its flat, boom ya! Way different.  In other news, timberland has a new album, New book series discover, Gone by Micheal Grant, the story is about how all adults seem to have disappeared, with no communication the children, teens and toddlers, advance in powers and divide on sides, my friend, Zoe, showed me this new series. Seems the chapters are counting down, but to what? I’m trying to get my hands on this book but the library says its out. When I read it I will give you a short version.  Also I got the first 12 chaptures in Mid Night Sun By: Stephine Meyer, this is Edwards version of Twilight, how he thought, how he lived basically. Nothing really new in Maine, got my H1N1 shot don’t feel well.  Christmas in 10 days, can’t wait!

– Air     😛


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