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I got me a NEW computer screen and its flat, boom ya! Way different.  In other news, timberland has a new album, New book series discover, Gone by Micheal Grant, the story is about how all adults seem to have disappeared, with no communication the children, teens and toddlers, advance in powers and divide on sides, my friend, Zoe, showed me this new series. Seems the chapters are counting down, but to what? I’m trying to get my hands on this book but the library says its out. When I read it I will give you a short version.  Also I got the first 12 chaptures in Mid Night Sun By: Stephine Meyer, this is Edwards version of Twilight, how he thought, how he lived basically. Nothing really new in Maine, got my H1N1 shot don’t feel well.  Christmas in 10 days, can’t wait!

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Starting of my book Silver Mist

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I looked down in the box, inside fabric was folded up neatly. I pulled it out, it s a cloak! A sleek black cloak, I tied the sting around my neck, am wrapped the cloak around me. Well its easier to hide my wings and tail, I thought sadly. I had a feeling today was going to turn for the worst.
After having my fill of bear and deer, I flew towards the city. I loved the wind in my hair, I remember once I flew into a griffin. Not smart, with their claws, and beaks, but he understood and he was the one apologizing. I landed softly outside the city gate, and walked slowly inside. My bare feet made a pud, when I stepped and a swish, when I pulled my leg forward. I counted the beat, memorizing  the pattern until I was at the library door. I walked into the quite room, it smelled like old pages, and a mix of flowers. I always felt safe here, even with the weird people who entered. I stepped quickly and softly through the library, my feet were barley touching the ground. I heard the chimes ring, with the swoosh of the door. I didn’t look behind me, to see who it was, but I could hear his deep young voice echo in the large room.

“ Hello, I’m looking for a book called, Bloodlust and Vampires, by Borist Grilvit.”

“ Yes here. . . “ the old man (librarian William) gave the man his book.

“ If you like it enough my lord, you may have it.” William’s voice was raspy, and terrified.

I turned around to see William give the young man the book with shaky hands, and a scared smile. The man smiled back easily.

“ Maybe, but I need to read it first. Thank you.”

He turned so I could get a much better view then just his back, he wore royal colors and sewing work. Along with a small prince size crown. But as he turned he got my eye, I gave a small gasp, when he smiled and walked over to me. His face was flawless, not a crack, dent or, pimple to be seen, but it changed as he paced closer. A smile broke into fear when he could see my eyes more clearly. His feet slowed, the air seemed thicker, more dense. Time seemed to slow down. I just stood there with a shy smile, looking to the ground back to him and then the ground again. I knew what I must of looked like to him, piercing blue eyes, ragged black dress (sewed it myself), with a black cloak hiding most of me, I must of looked mysterious.

“ Hello.”  His voice cracked at the last letter.  His eyes were burning with curious pain.

“ I’m Prince Night.” He held out his hand, in greeting. I didn’t dare revel my long nails (which were clawed like).  I simply stared at the hand as if to say ‘ What do you want me to do? Eat it?’ He dropped his hand uncomfortably.

“ Please tell me your name.”

My voice echoed by my one word.

“ SilverMist.”

Chapter 2

I had been with Night for over three months now, I already felt like a princess.  He piled me with jewels, money, clothes, everything I ever wanted.  I was writing in my journal, in the prince’s room.  Sitting on the window seat, overlooking the valley. Thoughts running free, feelings dripping into my writing. How my heart soared, I it felt like I was flying, only I wasn’t. In the first week of our relationship I told him what I was, he was shocked at first but after awhile he got use to it and accepted it. So now I didn’t need to hide my wings and tail, horns and nails. I now live in the castle in his room, with him. I was far off in my daydream that the door flung. The sound made me jump. The prince stormed in, he looked like he had been crying. But I knew the Night he turned all his sadness into anger, and he was beyond furry. I got up from my seat slowly, trying not to startle him and myself. He had closed the door now, and was banning his head on the door. Shoulders slumped. I placed my hand on his shoulder, he reacted by hitting my hand away. He realized who I was and had a sorry look cross his face and vanish. I was stepping back, not sure how to help. He pulled me into his arms, and starting crying again. God! What made him this upset? Why is he crying, like his closets brother just died? He had no brothers or sisters. And I saw his father and mother this morning. I patted his back, and whispered reassuring words.
“ Its ok, its ok. I’m here. Don’t worry.”
His grip started to hurt, I could hear his heart pump rapid. What is he thinking? He started to kiss me. I was use to it by now, a kiss here and there, but his all his anger went to his lips. He pulled me close, I pushed away. I was stronger then him and new when to stop. But he didn’t. I pushed him back again this time with more strength, he flew across his room and landed on his desk, breaking it in pieces. An anger snarl rumbled in his chest. He’s not human, I realized. Wait, never eating, blackened room, the book, his black eyes. He’s a vampire! Great I made out with a vampire, no wonder he always watched my neck! The rim around his eyes blackened, his pupil went large with thirst. I made a white flame in my hand, a fight is what he wants. He didn’t want a helpless human prey, he wanted a game. He roared and charged with amazing speed, only to hit the wall behind me. I had dodged with ease. My eyes never missed a move. He seemed to realize this after a few more charges. Claws grew where his nails were, sharp and deadly. My flame grew in size, and power. He charged again this time he knew my trick. When I tried to dodge, he grabbed my leg and pulled me down. His claws pierced my skin. Black blood dripped down my leg. He eyed it like it was gold. Yes I know, I have black blood. He was just about to bit me, when I kicked his head. I jumped up using my wings to pound up. He grabbed my tail and pulled me back down. He started to claw my eyes, and face. I flipped my self back on him and hit him twice, the rest of my hits hit the ground. I couldn’t see, he blinded me. Thank god I had knocked him out. I had to get out of here, now. I could smell smoke, and heat. I dropped my fireball on the rug. Great. He will live his a god damn vampire. I jumped on the window sill. I could feel the wind, hear the forest, smell the town. I was burning with anger. No literally, I was on fire. But it didn’t hurt of course I could generate my own fire. I was to mad, to upset to control it. I let it burn freely, let my feelings evaporate into the fire.

“If I wasn’t blind I would kill you right now Night. Right now. But I will kill you. I promise your life will end by my hand.”

That was my last word, before I left. The last thing I ever saw was Nights face, full of rage.

*    *    *

Three days of being blind, three days of hell. No food. No shelter. I can’t show my face to mom. What I’m I going to do? I was sitting under a huge tree, it was raining. I could feel my eyes burn in pain. They were closed shut by my blood and tears. My ears, smell, taste, and movement were the only things that worked now. I had been crying day and night. I kept telling myself  to stop he’s not worth it, but whenever I thought that the tears came harder. Since I had become blind I had to rely on my hearing more and more. Whenever there was a sound or movement sonar waves appeared, making it easier to not hit a tree. I heard a rustle, it came from the bush behind me. Of course my first reaction, look behind me.

Remind you am only 12.  DO NOT COPYRIGHT!


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New Blog!! Yay I’ll put my drawing, writing, and some things I make on Photo Shop on my blog. Also leave comments on what you think. I will also talk about news, Books, and new music. Welcome!!

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